What is wrong about America and Americans today!

I will tell you one thing, it is this: When the good old U. S. A. turns over more of our hard-earned tax dollars for when our national policies; who spend more money than they take in on its National Defense Contractor’s Contracts; we are going bankrupt on an ideology fear and hate which is not conducive to a Godly Country so that means we are out of the Will of our Great God who said repeatedly to stay in His Will and then if we don’t we are out of His Grace, which is anything but unconditional to those who repeatedly refuse to love their neighbors! For we are to be servants of a God who is Love which defeats hate any day; for someone will not try to kill anyone who is helping them to succeed, only hate begets hate and we are on a downward spiral of eternal death and total separation does any one who gets off the narrow Path that Jesus has told to go down in all of my sermons will to return to God! And live forever in His Graces, who will never change in His Eternal Policies, Mal.3:6 seen in Heb.13:8-9! NOW just repent and get these stupid war mongers out of office! We are accomplices to all their hate war monger’s ways; that is antichrist at its best to be the beast we all have seen read in the book Revelations! Is it not? 

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