New Agendas

New Agendas

(Mt.4:4 & Lk.4:4 seen in Col.3:17)

This is going out to all my churches under my direction: I have had some problems in my ministry with computers and equipment going down lately and have not and do not have tithers contributing to my ministry at all, very much like Paul ran his ministry as well, so it will take me awhile to get back up to speed after having to replace some equipment for my secretary’s use and back up for my computer as well, with a TB back up storage for my hard drive so I do not lose all my sermons and notes as well as bible studies I have written.

There are so many people today that are wanting funding that I think have a problem putting what they believe and what they teach on line, as I have no problem doing myself, so all will know exactly what it is that I teach and preach: Others do not do this so more donations will come in while they teach heresy any old way they want just to live off the people they enslave with their dogma just as the Roman Catholic Church does, who has a strangle hold on all their members in fear of excommunication and anathema. Many do the same while they keep the sheep sheltered in a slave camp of their death grips of the blind leading the blind straight to hell with them. It is very strange that such men can be so captivating and mesmerizing for so many who have itching ears to here what their hearts desire in all the things that are not even of God and His Spirit but is of the world and the lusts of the flesh which we are called to mortify and put down according to the scriptures that continually wars against the Spirit, so why are there so many so called preachers teaching the ways of the world are for us, when this world is a temporary element that is about to pass away hopefully this Sept.23rd 2015? Why are so many trying to fix something God has shown us will end in a fiery Hell for Satan and his followers, why are they not looking for the home that comes down from heaven? The children of God are being lead away to a mass grave that is going to be their home for eternity it is very disheartening to know what is about to happen and to see so many who are not in the Truth, according to the actual Word of God!

I was sending out books to train the children of God but we have to get them ready by letting them know they need the baptism of the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues as the initial evidence and the confirmation of the gifts of the Spirit, for it is the first one as seen in Ac.2:1-4 as well as Ac.8:16-17, Ac.10:44-48, as well as Ac.11:1-18 & Ac.19:1-7, that this is the repentance of God for what He was to do to them who had not repented with a pure heart as Cornelius did He is to destroy all these who have not taken the name of Jesus Christ as called out in Jn.3:16-18 as well as Lk.24:47 seen in Ac.2:37-40 and have not done all to stand before our great God who is about to come for His bride who has made herself ready for Him as faithful children of God who have a pure heart Mt.5:8 & Eph.5:27, so many will not make it into God’s Kingdom because they have not found the narrow path (Mt.7:13-14) that leadeth to God’s narrow and straight gate called Jesus Christ His way Jn.14:15 seen in Jn.8:51 and Jn.8:47 because they have no interpreter of the Holy Spirit in them to lead them to the scriptures the correct way so they can find His truths so they too will know the signs of the times and that all are about to be caught unawares by their foolish teachers leading the way of the world 1 Jn.5:19, that is of wickedness, for we the children of God are to know His will for us that is evident to us in His words of life to us as we keep His word to us, for we do not live off bread alone but by every word of God Mt.4:5 Lk.4:4 for a practical reason to depend only on His words to us for they are for our cleansing Jn.15:3 as well as for our perfecting so we too can be thoroughly furnished unto all His good works 2 Tm.3:14-17 seen in Ro.9:1-6 and Ac.26:19-20, for He will judge us according to our deeds and only those that can pass through His burning fire (Heb.12:29) will be that glory we too will bring to heaven with us and that is the souls of all the saints we too have won to the Lord His way, Jn.1:12-13 not by the ways of man’s teachings but by speaking truth of God according to His mind which is His will that is our given words to us. So how is it people say it is impossible to know the mind of God, this too is a bold face lie from the devil for the Lord of all has given us His mind by all the prophets and the Apostles as they to wrote by the influence of the Holy Spirit who is God almighty who was manifested in the flesh 1 Tm.3:16 reconciling the whole world unto Himself by Jesus Christ, this is plainly seen in 2 Cor.5:17-21 and if we know Jesus and His mind (1 Cor.2:1-16) we then know the mind of God, for Jesus is not only the active will of God as well as the channel for that omnipotent power to flow through as well, for the Father who is in Jesus it is He who does the works for He is greater than I as Jesus said because God is that Spirit Jn.4:24 and the Spirit that is God was given to Jesus without measure because Jesus could not be God in the flesh unless the Holy Spirit became man who died for us as seen in Ac.20:28, how many are teaching this truth?

And if they aren’t am I still to give them money for not teaching God’s truths that are locked to the scriptures and cannot be broken (Jn.10:35) by our wills or societies lessening their moralities, ethics, and virtues…no I can’t do that when I see so many not obeying the word of God when I see girls running around with heads shaved which is against the Bible in 1 Cor.11:1-ffs and men with long hair and women wearing men’s clothing which is confusion and as well as that it is also an abomination in the very eyes of our God according to the words of the Old Testament that is the will of God for His chosen people who were and still are called to be Holy as He is Holy because He changes not Mal.3:6, can two walk together unless they agree Amos 3:3 we are to be God’s servants giving our lives to Him as a perfect sacrifice according to His word to us Ro.12:1-21, they why are we not doing it? His word was required of us in the O. T. as well Ecc.12:13-14 as seen also in Mal.3:16-18 for they are the only ones God will spare in the end of the trials we are now in!
I am setting my feet down plainly on the word of God from now on, only they who write their hearts contents for everyone to read and see who line up with the word of God in word and in deed Col.3:17 that can give glory to God with their daily lives can expect funds from Lord’s Way Ministries International from now on, when I see pictures of their lives lining up with the word of God I will help them.
I must from now on see evidences of improvements in that direction from all my churches or they are out!
I am asking for written proofs of what they are teaching so I can see their dogma and then I will know their heart and the Lord will allow me to see it from them for it will not be hidden in their writings.
All the so called pastors asking for money for their ministries have been asked for written notes of their sermons or an e-file sent to my address in the e-mail so I too can see what they are teaching the others and so far have not received one from any one of them of proof of their sincerity as well as I can them have confirmation to their doctrines they are putting forth to see if it is correct, the word of God is not subjective, it is either right or we are teaching it wrong, God doesn’t lie in His words to us and neither do His Ministers of Holy Spirit Fire Ps.104:4 and Heb.1:7 we are to be a fire of God’s Truths!

Lord’s Way Minitries International
Rev. G. L. Boyett
Written in the Last Days 2/20/2015 at the end of time as we know it to have been!


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