A healing from infection from open heart surgery!

This is presented [sic] or word for word.


Dear prayer partner in the Lord,

I am happy to confirm with you that our Lord Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. It means He can do everything he has done yesterday even today and forever.  The word of God says, taste and see how great the God is. Amen!   Hereby I would like to share with you a testimony of Mrs. Amminni .

Amminni is from a Roman Catholic family but as her husband was a political leader, none of their family believed in God nor has ever gone to Church. One day, she felt an unusual pain in her heart and her children took her to a nearby hospital, where doctors said that she is in very critical condition and need to take to a good hospital where she can get a good treatment.

When her family took her to the Medical College Hospital (one of the famous hospitals), doctors said that she need to go through the open heart surgery or she will not leave more than one week. This made the entire family very sad, but they got read for the surgery as they had not other option. The operation was successfully done, but after few days doctors said the there is puss in the wound and it is spreading.

We came to know this news and we visited her and prayed for her in the hospital. We asked them to believe in the Lord and they believed and prayed with us for Amminni’s healing. The result of our prayer was amazing. The next day doctors checked her again and found a major change in the wounds and there is no puss. God is so good.  God has healed her completely.  In the picture, she is giving her testimony of God’s great healing and giving her a new life in Christ and I am translating it into the local language.  Now her entire family has committed their life for Christ.

I believe that you are blessed with this testimony.

God bless you,

Your brother Santhosh


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