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Mt.25:40And the King shall answer and say unto them: Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. See also 1 Jn.4:16Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren (Are we not all one flesh under Adam and Eve? If so then all the world is our brethren!). 17But whoso hath this world’s good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?18My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth! 19And hereby we know that we are of the truth, and shall assure our hearts before him!

And James; Jms.2:14What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him? 15If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food, 16And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit? 17Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone!

We need Donations for the Widows, Orphaned, Naked, Sick and Poor; Church Building Fund for Accra, Ghana, Africa: (Brother Davies at “The Shekinah Glory Assembly”) and For Bibles and church furniture: Under Construction. The foundation is in, most the brick walls are up on outside, still needed 1000 more bricks, 20+ bags more of concrete and three more loads of sand (they are small truck loads) plus now we need to start funding for the roofing materials,  windows, and doors to enclose the building. 100% of your donations go to the field of operations and to the people it is intended to help! Lord’s Way Ministries is going to support this effort in any way we can; all your help will be directly routed to Accra, Ghana, Africa thank you for your support.

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Your needing to understand more about the Holy Bible is available to you if you are serious about a commitment to study of the divine word of God, 2 Tm.2:15; we are required to show ourselves approved rightly dividing (Understanding) the word of God; Phil.2:12 requires us all to seek after our own salvation; that is located in the word of God, which cleanses us, Jn.15:3, but it is conditional! It is all tied to (Obedience to All scripture 2 Tm.3:16-17!); as seen in Ac.2:38-40 and to what Jesus has instructed us to do, as seen in Jn.15:1I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. 2Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more. 3Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you. 4Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. 5I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. 6If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned. 7If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. 8Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples. 9As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love. 10If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love. 11These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full. 12This is my commandment: That ye love one another, as I have loved you. 13Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. 14Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you. 15Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you. 16Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you. 17These things I command you, that ye love one another. 18If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. 19If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. 20Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also!

Jesus was speaking to the newly commissioned and Ordained Apostles who had been given the Keys to Heaven in Mt.16:19And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. 20Then charged he his disciples that they should tell no man that he was Jesus the Christ.

You see just as Jesus can save no one unless the Father draweth that person to Jesus Christ seen in Jn.6:44No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day. We all must know and realize that this world is not eternal and is not going to last forever, as foretold I scripture as seen in 2 Pt.3: 1This second epistle, beloved, I now write unto you; in both which I stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance: 2That ye may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets, and of the commandment of us the apostles of the Lord and Saviour: 3Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, 4And saying: Where is the promise of his coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. 5For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: 6Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: 7But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the Day of Judgment and perdition of ungodly men. 8But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. 9The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. 10But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. 11Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, 12Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat? 13Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness. 14Wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless. 15And account that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation; even as our beloved brother Paul also according to the wisdom given unto him hath written unto you; 16As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction. 17Ye therefore, beloved, seeing ye know these things before, beware lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your own stedfastness.

18But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever. Amen!!!

You see we are to keep growing in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and we must be found working in His harvest fields if we are to be wise servants that are found in His parables: Even as Jesus did when He was just 12 Years old seen in Lk.2:49And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? Wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business? So must we too or we are backslidden and are in need of repentance or we too will be found as the unfaithful servant seen in Lk.12:31But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you. 32Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. 33Sell that ye have, and give alms; provide yourselves bags which wax not old, a treasure in the heavens that faileth not, where no thief approacheth, neither moth corrupteth. 34For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. 35Let your loins be girded about, and your lights burning; 36And ye yourselves like unto men that wait for their lord, when he will return from the wedding; that when he cometh and knocketh, they may open unto him immediately. 37Blessed are those servants, whom the lord when he cometh shall find watching: verily I say unto you, that he shall gird himself, and make them to sit down to meat, and will come forth and serve them. 38And if he shall come in the second watch, or come in the third watch, and find them so, blessed are those servants. 39And this know, that if the goodman of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched, and not have suffered his house to be broken through. 40Be ye therefore ready also: for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not. 41Then Peter said unto him, Lord, speakest thou this parable unto us, or even to all? 42And the Lord said, Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his lord shall make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of meat in due season? 43Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing. 44Of a truth I say unto you, that he will make him ruler over all that he hath. 45But and if that servant say in his heart, My lord delayeth his coming; and shall begin to beat the menservants and maidens, and to eat and drink, and to be drunken; 46The lord of that servant will come in a day when he looketh not for him, and at an hour when he is not aware, and will cut him in sunder, and will appoint him his portion with the unbelievers. 47And that servant, which knew his lord’s will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.

You see we have a job to do if we want to be called by Jesus’ name; it comes at a cost to know that you are a disciple of Jesus Christ! Just as Jesus gave His all for us we too must give our all to His kingdom as well if we want to be called by His name as a Christian we must walk as He has shown us we must walk as He walked as our example seen in Jn.14:6Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. Our new job will be as seen here as a disciple of Jesus Christ in Mk.8:34And when he had called the people unto him with his disciples also, he said unto them, Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. 35For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it. 36For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? 37Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? 38Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.

Unless we understand who Jesus is we will find ourselves lost with the whole world who lies in wickedness seen in 1 Jn.5:19 because of the sin handed down from Adam and Eve in the garden of Paradise seen in Gen.3:1Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? 2And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: 3But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. 4And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: 5For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. 6And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. 7And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons. 8And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God amongst the trees of the garden. 9And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou? 10And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself. 11And he said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat? 12And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat. 13And the LORD God said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.

14And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: 15And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. 16Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee. 17And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life; 18Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field; 19In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

All because man listened to another instead of God only, Adam blamed his wife and Eve blamed the sake (Satan which is disobedience to God’s will which is the unforgivable sin unless repented of, Mt.12:31-32 and see verses 46-50!); but the sin of these two was handed down to then from God for listening to another before their God! Man today is in the same boat now that Adam and Eve were in, the whole world is listening to men instead of God only and have fallen into sin of despair and are headed for the eternal Hell that was created for Satan and the fallen angels who left their first estate! Which is the world we inhabit; created to cleanse the Heaven, our Paradise we are to be looking for, the New Jerusalem coming down from the Father above. God created man to have dominion over Satan and the ability to have dominion over sin as seen in Gen.4:7If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him (Satan). Cain was prideful and fell into the lusts of the flesh and could not control himself and was cursed from that day on as well as his generations after him. These generations are still in fact on this earth working among us today as well. The same as the cursed Hamites or Canaanites! For disrespecting their natural fathers and ours, which is God and His Word to us.

If anyone wants to be reconciled to God they must worship Him in Spirit and in truth as called out in scripture by Jesus Himself (Who is God with us, see Mt.1:23; Is.40:3 and Mt.3:3 tied directly together! As well as Is.9:6 and Rev.4:8 who is also shown in Ac.20:28 as well as Jn.20:28!), in, Jn.4:24God is a Spirit (1 Tm.3:16 God is a Spirit that has been begotten (incarnated) seen in Jn.1:1-14!): and they that worship Him MUST worship Him in spirit and in truth (Jn.8:24). Jesus is called the Son of God, which He is because God the Holy Spirit used the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, whose name was turned to Israel, and out of Israel, who has 12 sons and two adopted sons of Joseph, Manassas, and Ephraim.

Jacob on his death bed blesses his sons (Gen.49:8-12 Judah’s blessings.) with a blessing that would follow them for the remaining of their families lives, they were prophetic, and were and are still being fulfilled as seen today. These are shown to us in Gen.49:1And Jacob called unto his sons, and said, Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days. You see God had promised King David from the tribe of Judah, that His seed would be king of all Israel for eternity and the only way that could be is if God became King of Israel and sat on the throne of King David; this is the sure mercies promised to Abraham in Gen.12:3And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed!

Which is the Gentiles you and I can now too be grafted into that same Holy vine by being blessed and not cursed (Jn.15:1-ffs); by reconciliation and endowed with God’s Holy Spirit as Adam the first man was endowed with in the Garden of Eden, before sin came to dwell in him and he lost his Spiritual union with God. But we need the sure mercies, that were promised to King David seen in 2 Sam.7:4And it came to pass that night, that the word of the LORD came unto Nathan, saying, 5Go and tell my servant David, Thus saith the LORD, Shalt thou build me an house for me to dwell in? 6Whereas I have not dwelt in any house since the time that I brought up the children of Israel out of Egypt, even to this day, but have walked in a tent and in a tabernacle. 7In all the places wherein I have walked with all the children of Israel spake I a word with any of the tribes of Israel, whom I commanded to feed my people Israel, saying, Why build ye not me an house of cedar? 8Now therefore so shalt thou say unto my servant David, Thus saith the LORD of hosts, I took thee from the sheepcote, from following the sheep, to be ruler over my people, over Israel: 9And I was with thee whithersoever thou wentest, and have cut off all thine enemies out of thy sight, and have made thee a great name, like unto the name of the great men that are in the earth.

10Moreover I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more; neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them anymore, as beforetime, 11And as since the time that I commanded judges to be over my people Israel, and have caused thee to rest from all thine enemies. Also the LORD telleth thee that he will make thee an house. 12And when thy days be fulfilled, and thou shalt sleep with thy fathers, I will set up thy seed after thee, which shall proceed out of thy bowels, and I will establish his kingdom. 13He shall build an house for my name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever. 14I will be his father, and he shall be my son (This was the adoption and the sure mercies promised, seen as well in Ps.110:1).

If he commit iniquity, I will chasten him with the rod of men, and with the stripes of the children of men (Israel’s iniquity will be judged by God with in the future with war and defeat as well as with capture and hauled off to foreign lands as punishment for their sins whenever they are rebuked of the Lord: But the Lord will always save a remnant of Israel, and never do away with them as with other nations who disobey Him! See Jn.15:4-6.): 15But my mercy shall not depart away from him, as I took it from Saul, whom I put away before thee. 16And thine house and thy kingdom shall be established for ever before thee: thy throne shall be established forever. 17According to all these words, and according to all this vision, so did Nathan speak unto David.

Jesus is the last King of Israel from King David’s line (Thus all though Jesus is God manifested in the flesh, 1 Tm.3:16: He still used the adopted flesh of King David, making Jesus, fully God and still all man, which is seen in Col.2:1-ffs the fullness of the god-head and yet still man (The Son of God according to the flesh!) so that we could be saved by His atoning blood which is the propitiation for all mankind (Ac.20:28), 1 Tm.6:1-16!); that was even put on top of the cross that Jesus was crucified on (Jn.19:21) For this reason Jesus came to us, Jn.16:27-28!

The Blood Of God Covers All Sin!

 Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin as seen in the Old Testament as well as in the New Testament, for their will be one law for all of God’s children to follow and obey. We see this as far back as Num.15:1-ffs to the end of this chapter which discusses the stoning of an individual that sinned a presumptuous sin of picking up sticks to make a fire on the Holy Day of the Sabbath. The sin of ignorance is forgivable but the sin of a wilful and prideful act of disobedience will never be forgivable unless repented of, seen in Mt.12:31-32 and 46-50. Which leads us to understand a fundamental theological matter; that God will have the only blaspheme clause in the whole Bible seen in and as far back as the Garden of Eden to Abraham, Gen.17:1 to Jesus as well tells us that if we blaspheme the Holy Spirit it will never be forgiven in this lifetime or the next, which also was written in Moses’ Law of the Torah as well, you shalt not blaspheme the name of the LORD God! Well we see in Jn.5:43I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive. Jesus is the manifestation of God’s name which means Salvation (Jn.17:3)! Just for reference I will use this scripture that shows the positions of God to us and Israel for example seen here in Is.49:26And I will feed them that oppress thee with their own flesh; and they shall be drunken with their own blood, as with sweet wine: and all flesh shall know that I the LORD am thy Saviour and thy Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob (IS.9:6).

The problem people have with the mystery of God and the Father and of Christ Jesus is that they do not understand that the Holy Spirit was not named here when Paul was talking about the mysteries of God. That is because Paul assumed all knew already God is a Spirit as called out be Jesus Himself in Jn.4:24! If God being a Spirit it only stands by reason that He must be, thee one and only, Holy Spirit as seen in Rev.4:8And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him; and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, Holy, Holy, LORD God Almighty (See Is.9:6), which was, and is, and is to come (As well as Is. Chapter 44 and chapter 45 the “I Am” which was first shown to us in Ex.3:14. And then again later in the New Testament in Jn.8:  58Jesus said unto them: Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I AM! As well as here; Jn.8:24I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that “I AM [he]”, ye shall die in your sins. Which was just before His teaching the disciples who He is in Jn.14:6Jesus saith unto him, “I AM” the way, (“I AM”) the truth, and (“I AM”) the life: no man cometh unto the Father (Union with the Holy Spirit), but by ME! Why? Jesus is about to show you why, in the very next verse; Jn.14:7If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know him, and have seen him! Jesus is the embodiment of the invisible God which is the Holy Spirit as seen by which we are saved by His blood, as seen in Ac.20:28Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood! The very blood of Jesus Christ showing us Jesus is truly the Almighty God as called out in Is.9:6 and in 1 Tm.3:16! Shown here: 1 Tm.3:16And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.

Glory That Will Only Belong To God Seen In Scripture!

 Glory is another good way to show all that Jesus is the one and only true God; as we look to scripture yet again. Look as Is.42:8I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images. As well as, Is.48:11For mine own sake, even for mine own sake, will I do it: for how should my name be polluted? And I will not give my glory unto another. Just as some of these used by others in the New Testament as well, even Jesus, Jn.11:40Jesus saith unto her, Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God? The story of the “Ten Lepers” in Lk.17:18There are not found that returned to give glory to God, save this stranger. Even the Apostle Paul wrote to verify Jesus is the glory of God; as we look to his writing in 2 Cor.4:6For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. As well as 1 Cor.2:8Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.

Jesus is the gateway to eternal salvation and union with God the Holy Spirit which dwells in Jesus as seen in Mt.3:17And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son (My Flesh), in whom “I AM,” well pleased! (To Be In!) As well as Mt.17:5While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son (Flesh), in whom “I AM,” well pleased (To Be); hear ye him (Why? Jesus told us why in Jn.14:10Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works!). Jesus tells us why yet AGAIN in Jn.6:63It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. Peter saw this as well and understood everything Jesus was saying perfectly as we look at Jn.6:68Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life! The words that Jesus spoke were in fact the words of God the Holy Spirit which dwelt in Jesus who in fact did all the works, because the Holy Spirit is the Power of the Highest who is God seen in Lk.1:35And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest (Who is the Highest but God?) shall overshadow thee: therefore also that Holy Thing (should read Devine One) which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God (Which is being manifested in the seed of King David making Jesus the Son of God by proxy or adoption but yet still all God and all man, which is the word of God made flesh, Jn.1:1-14 the begotten God seen in verse 18 of the same chapter in many Greek original manuscripts, who is in the bosom of the Eternal Omnipresent God who is the Holy Spirit, in which the whole universe has its being and existence by His upholding power! Which is the light of all mankind, Gen.1:3 and Jn.8:12 and again in Jn.12:35-50! Which is Jesus Christ, which is just the housing for the Holy Spirit, which is the blood by which we all must be saved by or we are none of His yet still. The flesh will always yield to the Holy Spirit as seen in 1 Cor.15:28And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all. Who is supposed to be in all of us, as seen in Col.3:11Where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all. Because Jesus is both LORD and the CHRIST seen in Ac.2:36 and who is LORD of ALL seen in, Ac.10:36!).

Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth!

 One must worship in Spirit and in truth as required by scripture or we are worshipping a false god made up by man’s vain imaginations which is no better that idolatry. The only way mankind can interpret scripture correctly is to do what Jesus said we must do as seen in Jn.3:3Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee: Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. 4Nicodemus saith unto him: How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and be born? 5Jesus answered: Verily, verily, I say unto thee: Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. 6That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. 7Marvel not that I said unto thee: Ye must be born again. 8The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

You see we cannot be part of what Jesus is teaching unless we are born-again of His Spirit in us, which is the Spirit of the Holy Ghost, being regenerated in us as seen in Tit.3:4But after that the kindness and love of God our Saviour toward man appeared, 5Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost; 6Which he shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Saviour; 7That being justified by his grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life. We can only be justified in God’s eyes by being in and having Jesus’ own name given to us at baptism, where the blood of the sacrifice is applied to our souls by the water of regeneration of repentance and remission or forgiveness of sins, then the indwelling of the Holy Spirit can come and reside in us as well as it did in Jesus. Look at 1 Cor.6:11And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God! We cannot be justified before God unless He gives us His repentance as seen in Jn.1:12But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: 13Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God! As well as here in Ac.11:15And as I began to speak, the Holy Ghost fell on them, as on us at the beginning. 16Then remembered I the word of the Lord, how that he said, John indeed baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost. 17Forasmuch then as God gave them the like gift as he did unto us, who believed on the Lord Jesus Christ; what was I, that I could withstand God? 18When they heard these things, they held their peace, and glorified God, saying: Then hath God also to the Gentiles granted repentance unto life! You see this was what happened at Cornelius’ house in chapter 10 of Acts. The Gentiles had been given repentance of God that He should not bring death upon them who were forgiven of their sins, by His receiving their repentances, which Cornelius had shown to God by his praying and fasting and his well doing, giving alms and praying constantly seeking God. God sees to the very heart of men, we can go through all the rituals we want to go through but it will not save us until we surrender to God’s authority and ask Him for His forgiveness and seek a new heart that only He can give to us, a heart of His love for all mankind just like His heart as the Apostle John has shown us in 1 Jn.4:8He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. 9In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him. 10Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins. 11Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another. 12No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us. 13Hereby know we that we dwell in him, and he in us, because he hath given us of his Spirit.

We cannot have this kind of love without being reborn of a new Spirit in us or we are still none of His yet still as shown to us in scripture. Ro.8:1There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. 2For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. 3For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh: 4That the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. 5For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit. 6For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. 7Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. 8So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God. 9But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his!

10And if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of righteousness. 11But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you. 12Therefore, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flesh. 13For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live. 14For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

We cannot have this type of union unless we have had the union of God’s own Spirit dwelling in us, as seen in Ac.2:1And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. 2And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. 3And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. 4And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. Which is the sign by which God has given us to know when we have received His supernatural Spirit in us. Just as in the Tower of Babble we see that God used the tongue to divide mankind to separate them from committing evil and to judge them; while in the New Testament God is using the Tongue once again as His instrument, for no man is able to control the tongue unless God is with him and in him. This was talked about in James as well, (Jms.3:1-18). We see in the days of Moses that when God set up His church in the wilderness, Moses went up on the mount and was gone for forty days and forty nights and the children of Israel got up and played the harlot and worshipped the golden Calf. When Moses came down from the mount 3,000 souls were killed by God’s wrath, which is the same amount of souls God called into the first church in the book of Acts as well, seen in chapter 2:37Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart, and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles, Men and brethren, what shall we do? 38Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. 39For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the LORD our God shall call. 40And with many other words did he testify and exhort, saying, Save yourselves from this untoward generation. 41Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls. 42And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.

This is the New Testament plan of Salvation given to us by those who had the Keys to Heaven seen in Mt.16:19And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. 20Then charged he his disciples that they should tell no man that he was Jesus the Christ.

That is why Jesus said if we will obey His words we will obey His Apostles words too, for they are the words to our eternal rewards and mansions above seen in Jn.14:1Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. 2In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. 3And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. 4And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know. That is the way we must all go in order to be with our God in Jesus Christ! Not by any other way can we go, it must be done His way, not man’s way by his rituals and traditions either!

Salvation only comes by God’s repentances given to us for what He must do to all sinners, for the wages of sin is death to the sinner Gal.6:7Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. We all will stand before the judgment seat of God, Phil.2:5Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: 6Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: 7But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: 8And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. 9Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: 10That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; 11And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

12Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling!

Without Direction There Can Be No Providence;

Without Divine Guidance and Vision!

 We cannot lead without His Spirit leading us into all truths as Jesus has told us in Jn.14:16And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever; 17Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you! 18I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. You see this is Jesus’ own Spirit that will come upon you for He told them here that it was He that dwelt with them here at this time and was among them as well! Jesus’ Spirit is the Spirit who wrote the Holy Bible as seen in 2 Pt.1:20Knowing this first; that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. 21For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. Who is seen in the previous verse just prior to these verse here; let us look to; 19We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts: which was seen in Rev.2:28 and Rev.22:16 as well! Just as it was shown to us earlier in 1 Pt.1:9Receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls. 10Of which salvation the prophets have enquired and searched diligently, who prophesied of the grace that should come unto you: 11Searching what, or what manner of time the Spirit of Christ which was in them did signify, when it testified beforehand the sufferings of Christ, and the glory that should follow! Just as we see the same understanding going on in Paul’s writings to us in Ro.8:9But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.

You see the Holy Spirit inspired all scripture as seen in 2 Tm.3:14But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them; 15And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. 16All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

This is where the Apostle Paul was instructing Timothy how to conduct himself in the church of the living God. Which is being taught by His words to us that are from the Old Testament as well as the New Testament that was being written here in front of Timothy’s eyes; as well as ours too. These words are our life to us, which is the will of God and His mind for us to see read and hear preached and taught that we might know the one and only true God, who is One, Zech.14:9And the LORD shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name one. Which told Zechariah 530 years before the date that all the world will look upon Me whom they had pierced; Zech.12:10And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon ME whom they have pierced! When God speaks it is the mold to history and time is then fashioned to His likening as seen in Is.55:6Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near: 7Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon!

8For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. 9For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. 10For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater: 11So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

You see all of this is rudimentary Bible Studying; we need the interpreter to lead us into all righteousness which is His word to us, that will then lead us into right thinking, and that cannot be done unless we know His mind as seen in 1 Cor.2:1And I, brethren, when I came to you, came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom, declaring unto you the testimony of God. 2For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified. 3And I was with you in weakness, and in fear, and in much trembling. 4And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power: 5That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.

6Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect: yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to nought: 7But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory: 8Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. 9But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

10But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God. 11For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? Even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God. 12Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. 13Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual. 14But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. 15But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man. 16For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.

You see why it is so important to have His Holy Spirit in us now! It is His Spirit that will guide you into all His truths so that you can know His mind! We cannot have the correct theology or philosophy without having the correct psychology; which is the very mind of God! He alone will show you where to go to get the word of God in its proper perspectives He has for you to receive, He is the Spirit of Prophecy which is having a Testimony of Jesus Christ in you! This was revealed to us in Rev.19:10And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus, worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy! By which all history is molded and formed by His word!

This is exactly what Isaiah was showing us in Is.28:9Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts. 10For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:

 11For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people. 12To whom he said, This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing: yet they would not hear. (Evidences of the Holy Spirit even in the Old Testament as well as in Joel chapter 2:28And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: 29And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.)

Without this baptism of God’s own Spirit leading people into all truths, they will become tired of trying to understand something that makes no since to them and give up on reading the only word that brings eternal life to tem and will then be found as these people seen here in verse 13!

13But the word of the LORD was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken!

These are the same people Jesus explained to us about the seed which is the word of God was sown to four people which represented different types of soil the seed or word of God was applied to; only one seed out of four came to grow until it was ripe and yielded its fruit! That is only 25% of the seed sown; many are called but few will be chosen, Mt.7:13Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in there at: 14Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. See also Mt.20:16So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen. Mt.22:14For many are called, but few are chosen. I think God is telling us something here: Mt.24:35Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. Just the same thing Jesus was saying in the beginning verses of this same book as well seen in Mt.5:17Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. 18For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. 19Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. 20For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Unless our righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees we will not enter into the Kingdom of God! This means we must have right thinking and right decisions which is understanding talked about in proverbs. Prov.4:4He taught me also, and said unto me, Let thine heart retain my words: keep my commandments, and live. 5Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth. 6Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee: love her, and she shall keep thee. 7Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. 8Exalt her, and she shall promote thee: she shall bring thee to honor, when thou dost embrace her. 9She shall give to thine head an ornament of grace: a crown of glory shall she deliver to thee. 10Hear, O my son, and receive my sayings; and the years of thy life shall be many. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: Prov.9:10The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. 11For by me thy days shall be multiplied, and the years of thy life shall be increased. See also Ps.111:10The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth forever.

This leads me to an important teaching; you see Jesus came to the water in the Jordan where John the Baptist was baptizing for a couple of different reasons; and one of the reasons was not that Jesus had any sin because Jesus didn’t have any sin as shown to us in scripture; 2 Cor.5:21For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him (Jesus). See John the Baptist was the last Old Testament Prophet of God and Jesus was allowing John to Baptize Him because Jesus was showing us what we too were to do in order to have salvation (Jn.14:6). Jesus was showing us how all righteousness is obtained; and without righteousness and Holiness no one will enter into His Kingdom as shown in Heb.12:14Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord: The other reason Jesus allowed John the Baptist to Baptize Him was to show us that all scripture is tied directly together just as Jesus said here in Jn.10:35If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken; Then we cannot be the children of God unless we abide in His word to us, seen in Jn.8:47He that is of God heareth God’s words: Therefore we too cannot be Christ’s unless we abide in His word to us, if we want to indeed be His disciples, seen in Jn.8:31Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; 32And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. As well as this one in the same chapter too; 51Verily, verily, I say unto you, If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death.

Salvation is Conditional!

 We must have repented, we must have asked for forgiveness, and have been baptized in Jesus’ name, for there is no other name given by which we must be saved, as seen in Ac.4:12! That is why Jesus said if we ask anything in His name He will give it and do it for us, Jn.14:14; if we keep His commandments seen in the very next verse, Jn.14:15 If we love Him we will keep His Commandments! All of them, 2 Tm.3:16-17 is how a child of God will appear before Him in perfection which is a requirement seen in Mt.5:48Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. Just as seen in Gen.17:1And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the LORD appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect. You see Noah was a man that was righteous in the eyes of our Lord, as well as Job another perfect man in the eyes of God! With man this is impossible but not after God’s Holy Spirit dwells in you then and only then do all things become possible, as seen in Mt.19:26But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them: With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible!

We cannot have Salvation any other way but by His indwelling Spirit in us or we are none of His yet still, Ro.8:9! We must die to this flesh of ours and live no more for the lusts of the flesh as seen in 1 Jn.2:15Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. 17And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever. Just as James has shown us here in scripture as well; Jms.4:4Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God! You cannot drink of the cup of God and the cup of this world, 1 Cor.10:21Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s Table, and of the table of devils. 22Do we provoke the Lord to jealousy? Are we stronger than he? That is why we must always be judging ourselves against the word of God, not of this world that lies in wickedness seen in 1 Jn.5:19 but we must look at our own selves and make sure we are right in God’s eyes, 1 Cor.11:31For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. 32But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world. Because we always seek that which is right in His eyes and if we find some fault with us we are given to repentances until we have sought for His council and He has instructed us in our faults and given us a better way in which we are to go! He has made known His heart to us by His words to us and His word being spoke to our hearts will never contradict what He has spoken to us in His Holy Bible because God changes not, Mal.3:6 and only those who are found written in his book of life will be with him forevermore! Mal.3:  16Then they that feared the LORD; spake often one to another: and the LORD hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the LORD, and that thought upon his name. 17And they shall be mine, saith the LORD of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him. 18Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God and him that serveth him not. These are the same ones who have an Unction as shown to us by the Great Apostle John in 1 Jn.2:20But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things. 21I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth. As well as, 1 Jn.2:27But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.

These verses just stated in the previous paragraph, relate to one having the power of the Holy Spirit and His indwelling Spirit in you, that will lead you into all truths which are of Him, therefore you will have no need for any teacher to instruct you once you have the true indwelling Holy Spirit in you, to lead you through all the scripture He has written for us to use as we walk through this life of ours which is to be used as faithful servants of God who has purchased our souls with a price no man can ever repay but with His own soul, for his God and fellow man! Just as Jesus said, not greater love is there, than for a man to do, than to lay down his life for his brethren! Just as Jesus gave His life for us we too are to give our lives for Him and His work and word, as seen in these scriptures, Ro.12:1I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. 2And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God! If we don’t know what the perfect will of God is for us then we are still in the world and not doing what is called out for a child of God to do as seen in 2 Pt.3:18But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever. Amen. Even these scriptures that are given from Jess for this exact reason so we too would know what it is that Jesus is looking for in us as in these verses here; Mk.8:34And when he had called the people unto him with his disciples also, he said unto them, Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. 35For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it. 36For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? 37Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? 38Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.

Just as Jesus has given us far warning as seen in these verses as well; Mt.10:32Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. 33But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven. 34Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. 35For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. 36And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household. 37He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. 38And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. 39He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it. 40He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me. 41He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward. 42And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.

If we chose to ignore one word of His Holy Bible given to us we will stand and give an account for our understandings and for our definition of what we think that His word meant to us, it will not matter what we heard and was taught to us by another man; we are all instructed to fear God and to work out our own Salvation with him, seen here: Ro.3:4God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged. Phil.1:5For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now; 6Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ: Phil.4:11Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. 12I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: everywhere and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. 13I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. 14Notwithstanding ye have well done, that ye did communicate with my affliction. 15Now ye Philippians know also, that in the beginning of the gospel, when I departed from Macedonia, no church communicated with me as concerning giving and receiving, but ye only. 16For even in Thessalonica ye sent once and again unto my necessity. 17Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account. 18But I have all, and abound: I am full, having received of Epaphroditus the things which were sent from you, an odour of a sweet smell, a sacrifice acceptable, well pleasing to God.

We must be a sweet smelling sacrifice unto our Lord, with all of our lives given for Him and His sake! We must be found working in His labors just as he labored more abundantly that all of us put together, but greater things are we to do that He because He has gone to be with the Father, from wince He came, as shown to us in Jn.16:25These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs: but the time cometh, when I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs, but I shall show you plainly of the Father. 26At that day ye shall ask in my name: and I say not unto you, that I will pray the Father for you: 27For the Father himself loveth you, because ye have loved me, and have believed that I came out from God. 28I came forth from the Father, and am come into the world: AGAIN, I leave the world, and go to the Father. 29His disciples said unto him, Lo, now speakest thou plainly, and speakest no proverb. Jesus has always been the manifestation of God to man as seen here in Gal.3:20Now a mediator is not a mediator of one, but God is one. As Paul has shown us time and time again who Jesus is as in 1 Tm.6:13I give thee charge in the sight of God, who quickeneth all things, and before Christ Jesus, who before Pontius Pilate witnessed a good confession; 14That thou keep this commandment without spot, unrebukable, until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ: 15Which in his times he shall show, who is the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords; 16Who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honour and power everlasting. Amen.

God said let there be light, Gen.1:3 and God is that Light that is the life of all the universe, seen in Jesus Christ, Jn.8:12Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. Everything God said He was in the Old Testament Jesus has fulfilled in the New Testament as well! That there is only one God and His name is Jesus Christ, Jn.5:45; Jn.12:45 and Jn.10:30I and my Father are one! If anyone preaches any other gospel he is accursed as seen in Deu.4:2Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you. 12:32What thing so ever I command you, observe to do it: thou shalt not add thereto, nor diminish from it. We are not to go to the right hand or to the left but stay in the way that the Lord has told us to go, Deu.5:32Ye shall observe to do therefore as the LORD your God hath commanded you: ye shall not turn aside to the right hand or to the left. 33Ye shall walk in all the ways which the LORD your God hath commanded you, that ye may live, and that it may be well with you, and that ye may prolong your days in the land which ye shall possess. Just as God told Joshua in Josh.1:7Only be thou strong and very courageous, that thou mayest observe to do according to all the law, which Moses my servant commanded thee: turn not from it to the right hand or to the left, that thou mayest prosper withersoever thou goest. This is in fact what the apostle Paul taught as well; Gal.1:8But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. 9As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed. We find this as well in Rev.22:18For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: 19And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

You see I have much, much more to say about the Lord and His word to us, but it is He that is to reveal His word to you, for the service you are called out to go and do for Him! It is He that is to teach you all things and to bring you into His realms of supernatural revelations, not me. Each and every one of us have our own individual work we must go and do for Him as His faithful servant must do as called out for in these verses here as well; Lk.17:7But which of you, having a servant plowing or feeding cattle, will say unto him by and by, when he is come from the field, Go and sit down to meat? 8And will not rather say unto him, Make ready wherewith I may sup, and gird thyself, and serve me, till I have eaten and drunken; and afterward thou shalt eat and drink? 9Doth he thank that servant because he did the things that were commanded him? I trow not. 10So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say: We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do!

That is all God expects from us is to keep ourselves to Him only or we are no better than those who are sinners in the world, and even those who are not working in His harvest fields for even they are backslidden! We must not and never be ashamed of this gospel or He too will be ashamed of us as well, and let me just show you what a shame means in the eyes of only Him who counts; seen in Dan.12:1And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book. 2And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt!

This was written just for the days we are in now too; just as this that Jesus spoke to John in Revelation; Rev.3:14And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God; 15I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. 16So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth. 17Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: 18I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eye salve, that thou mayest see. 19As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent. 20Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. 21To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne. 22He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

Only this church and these type of people will find themselves staying out of the great Tribulations that are headed for this word and all the people in it; the Philadelphia church will be taken out of the way because Philadelphia means brotherly love and when we have done the least righteous things unto the least of humanity we have done them unto Jesus Himself who is our Brother, when God became man He also became our brother didn’t He? That is why Paul said when we have loved God with all our hearts and our brothers as ourselves we have fulfilled all the law! For this reason Jesus will keep this church out of the great tribulations that we are starting to be in today; Rev.3:  7And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth; 8I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name. 9Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. 10Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. 11Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown. 12Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name. 13He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

How are we to become overcomers unless we have to go through something? Jesus said if we follow Him we will have trials and persecution, just as they tried Jesus and persecuted Jesus they will persecute us as well. Jn.16:33These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. If Jesus is our way and our truth and our life we are to walk we too will f ace what he did as well too! If we are living as He lived! All these things and many more He has for all who seek Him in His righteousness as seen in Mt.6:33But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. When we stay in the ways of our Lord He will provide for us a way in which we should go; and provide and answer for us when the world is all but lost still; Mt.7:7Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: 8For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

All of this and much, much more is available to all those who are living in Him and His word is living in you! This can only be done if we ask Him for His Holy Spirit to come and dwell in us as we too become a willing vessel for Him to dwell in as Mary was seen to be in Lk.1:38And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. We too must come seeking what is for us; Lk.11:13If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?

Just as James has said though we must ask not doubting or we too will receive nothing from Him seen in Jms.1:1James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting. 2My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; 3Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. 4But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. 5If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. 6But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. 7For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. 8A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. 9Let the brother of low degree rejoice in that he is exalted: 10But the rich, in that he is made low: because as the flower of the grass he shall pass away. 11For the sun is no sooner risen with a burning heat, but it withereth the grass, and the flower thereof falleth, and the grace of the fashion of it perisheth: so also shall the rich man fade away in his ways. 12Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him. 13Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man: 14But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. 15Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.

 16Do not err, my beloved brethren. 17Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning! Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forevermore as seen in Heb.13:8Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever. Just as in Mal.3:6For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed. Therefore if we too are grafted into that same vine then we too will not perish but will in fact be saved as well as Jacob, because God cannot lie, Num.23:19 and Tit.1:1-2 and Heb.6:17Wherein God, willing more abundantly to show unto the heirs of promise the immutability of his counsel, confirmed it by an oath: 18That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us:

You see we have a hope set before us but it is up to us to finish our race well, no one can win it for you, you must run your own race that the Lord has given you to run! It is entirely up to us how we run our race; only can those who will win their race will win it with the help of the Lord guiding them in the way in which they should go. Each man woman and child have their own individual races that they must win, no one can help them in which the way they must go or it will not be the will of God for you! If we do one thing at all it had better to be in the will of God or we will be found to be in our will yet still, which is the worst thing we could ever do! Mt.12:30He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad. (Are we gatherers or are we helping Satan to scatter?)

31Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.

32And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, and neither in the world to come.

Because all word that is ever written in the Holy Bible has come from the Holy Spirit, 2 Tm.3:16All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

How is a man to be cleansed by the word of God unless a man keep himself in the word of God seen in Jn.15:3, this is how we abide in Jesus and He abides in us as well as the Holy Spirit by which we are sealed and sanctified! Therefore if we are not abiding in the word of God, we are not aiding in Him and He is not is us either! We will then be found as all those who say they are called a Christian and walk as the world walks and will be found as hypocrites just as Jesus was talking about hating in Mt.23: Who call themselves priest of the most High God and walk as if they have no understanding! These are those servants that will be cut asunder and cast out into outer darkness, where there will be gnashing of teeth!

Mt.13:18Hear ye therefore the parable of the sower.

19When any one heareth the word of the kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart. This is he which received seed by the way side.

20But he that received the seed into stony places, the same is he that heareth the word, and anon with joy receiveth it;

21Yet hath he not root in himself, but dureth for a while: for when tribulation or persecution ariseth because of the word, by and by he is offended.

22He also that received seed among the thorns is he that heareth the word; and the care of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, choke the word, and he becometh unfruitful.

23But he that received seed into the good ground is he that heareth the word, and understandeth it; which also beareth fruit, and bringeth forth, some an hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.

24Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field:

25But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.

26But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.

27So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares?

28He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up?

29But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them.

30Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

31Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field:

32Which indeed is the least of all seeds: but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof.

33Another parable spake he unto them; The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.

34All these things spake Jesus unto the multitude in parables; and without a parable spake he not unto them:

35That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.

36Then Jesus sent the multitude away, and went into the house: and his disciples came unto him, saying, Declare unto us the parable of the tares of the field.

37He answered and said unto them, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man;

38The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one;

39The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.

40As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.

41The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;

42And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

43Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

44Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field.

45Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls:

46Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.

47Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a net, that was cast into the sea, and gathered of every kind:

48Which, when it was full, they drew to shore, and sat down, and gathered the good into vessels, but cast the bad away.

49So shall it be at the end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just,

50And shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

51Jesus saith unto them, Have ye understood all these things? They say unto him, Yea, Lord.

52Then said he unto them, Therefore every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old.

53And it came to pass, that when Jesus had finished these parables, he departed thence.

54And when he was come into his own country, he taught them in their synagogue, insomuch that they were astonished, and said, Whence hath this man this wisdom, and these mighty works?

55Is not this the carpenter’s son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren, James, and Joses, and Simon, and Judas?

56And his sisters, are they not all with us? Whence then hath this man all these things?

57And they were offended in him. But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.

58And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.

You see it is impossible to please God without faith and we cannot have faith unless it is given to us by Him who giveth us all things; Ro.12:1I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. 2And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. 3For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith. 4For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office: 5So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another. 6Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith; 7Or ministry, let us wait on our ministering: or he that teacheth, on teaching; 8Or he that exhorteth, on exhortation: he that giveth, let him do it with simplicity; he that ruleth, with diligence; he that sheweth mercy, with cheerfulness. 9Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.

We all have a job to do for our Lord and it is up to each of us to find it and be doing it when He returns for His church who has made herself ready for His coming again and she must be without spot, or wrinkle and she is to be found without blemish, Eph.5:27! With man this is impossible only those who are God’s children and who hear the word of God being spoken to them out of His Holy bible will see His face, only if they too become as a child who has a pure heart: Mt.5:8Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. Mt.18:1At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying: Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? 2And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them, 3And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. 4Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. 5And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. Paul taught this as well: 2 Tm.2:19Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, let everyone that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity. 20But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth; and some to honour, and some to dishonour. 21If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work. 22Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.

We will be working in His harvest fields laboring to bring in the lost and wayward sheep who have lost their way of the narrow path; we too must be working to pick them up and restore a weaker brother; as seen in Jms.5:19Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him; 20Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.


See also Peter’s writing on the same subject; 1 Pt.4:1Forasmuch then as Christ hath suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves likewise with the same mind: for he that hath suffered in the flesh hath ceased from sin; 2That he no longer should live the rest of his time in the flesh to the lusts of men, but to the will of God. 3For the time past of our life may suffice us to have wrought the will of the Gentiles, when we walked in lasciviousness, lusts, excess of wine, revellings, banquetings, and abominable idolatries: 4Wherein they think it strange that ye run not with them to the same excess of riot, speaking evil of you: 5Who shall give account to him that is ready to judge the quick and the dead. 6For for this cause was the gospel preached also to them that are dead, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh, but live according to God in the spirit. 7But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer. 8And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins!

9Use hospitality one to another without grudging. 10As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. 11If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion forever and ever (Col.3:17)! Amen.

12Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: 13But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy. 14If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the spirit of glory and of God resteth upon you: on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified. 15But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evildoer, or as a busybody in other men’s matters. 16Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf.

 17For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? 18And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear? 19Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator.

We are called to be Holy as he is Holy, 1 Pt.1:13Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ; 14As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance: 15But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; 16Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

These things are for us to keep in our hearts and always before our faces and let it always be on our lips as well, speaking all truths as it is given to us out of His Holy Bible! It is our only instruction book to heaven, and it is His way to meet Him in the air by the operations that are only from Him alone! Not man’s way it must be God’s operation we must be in compliance with as seen in His scriptures! Or our feet will never leave the ground!

It can only be taught to us by Him who wrote it, by His indwelling Holy Spirit who leads every one of us into His Truths, it is mandatory; Jn.4:24God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. And unless we know and understand who Jesus really is we too will die in our sins; Jn.8:24I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins. Only those who keep His words will be in Heaven with him for all eternity; Jn.8:51Verily, verily, I say unto you, If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death.

The hour is near and Jesus is coming to judge the world; Jn.5:17But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work. 18Therefore the Jews sought the more to kill him, because he not only had broken the Sabbath, but said also that God was his Father, making himself equal with God. 19Then answered Jesus and said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things so ever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise (And we too if we are really His Sons who have heard His word, Jn.8:47!). 20For the Father loveth the Son, and sheweth him all things that himself doeth (As well as those who are called and chosen for His works, Mt.6:33 and 7:7-8!): and he will show him greater works than these; that ye may marvel.

21For as the Father raiseth up the dead, and quickeneth them; even so the Son quickeneth whom he will. 22For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son: 23That all men should honour the Son, even as they honour the Father. He that honoureth not the Son honoureth not the Father which hath sent him. 24Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life!

25Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live. 26For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself; 27And hath given him authority to execute judgment also, because he is the Son of man See Jn.3:13). 28Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice, 29And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.

In Closing

 We get only one chance to live this life we have been given correctly and to be found as overcomers or we too have failed most miserably! I few fail we will be fule for the fire as seen in Eze.21:31And I will pour out mine indignation upon thee, I will blow against thee in the fire of my wrath, and deliver thee into the hand of brutish men, and skilful to destroy. 32Thou shalt be for fuel to the fire; thy blood shall be in the midst of the land; thou shalt be no more remembered: for I the LORD have spoken it.

As well as seen in the very next chapter, Eze.22:30And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none. 31Therefore have I poured out mine indignation upon them; I have consumed them with the fire of my wrath: their own way have I recompensed upon their heads, saith the Lord GOD.

He will reward us with our own doings: Gal.6:7Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. 8For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

Jesus knew what was needed in the last days before His coming and He revealed to the Apostle John in Revelation of Jesus Christ to St. John, seen in Rev.2:5Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent. Without Repentance, and Remission of sin, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit no man will be reunited with His Heavenly Father for forever: They that have not done as instructed by the word of God will be seen and heard as these here; the will all be saying what Jesus said on the cross which was end of days prophetic: Which was a Old Testament warning just as it was repeated in the new Testament for this reason: Ps.22:1My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Mt.27:46And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

Jesus was God in the flesh and being so He knew exactly why he was up on that cross, and He knew exactly what the outcome of His actions was going to be too! Who do you think He was saying those words for; He was saying them for all who He had asked the Father to forgive, but yet He was still the word of Prophecy seen in Rev.19:10 as to that which is to come upon all who heed not His words! That will awake to everlasting shame; where the worm dieth not and the fire is never quenched as seen repeatedly in Mark chapter 9! Just as it was warned in the last book in the Bible as we look to chapter 22 of Revelation: 7Behold, I come quickly: blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book. 8And I John saw these things, and heard them. And when I had heard and seen, I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel which shewed me these things. 9Then saith he unto me, See thou do it not: for I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren the prophets, and of them which keep the sayings of this book: worship God. 10And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand. 11He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. 12And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. 13I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

14Blessed are they that do his commandments; that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. 15For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie. 16I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. 17And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely. 18For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book: If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: 19And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. 20He which testifieth these things saith: Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. 21The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

We either do as Jesus instructed us and lay up for ourselves treasures in heaven or we face the wrath of Almighty God who created Heaven and Earth, who I might add is a consuming fire; Heb.12:29For our God is a consuming fire! Which is another one of those chapters warning about presumptuous sin that is running prevalent all over the world today!

Somewhere someone started a story that is going to lead to a lot of people going to Hell; the story about being once saved always saved and another one where they said that they are saved by grace and faith alone! They don’t even know what God’s grace looks like let lone having faith enough to walk in the word of the Lord as instructed! Faith is not just believing, it is believing put in action, that is what makes faith and we are to show works worthy of Repentance, shown to us in scripture; read Ac.26:19Whereupon, O king Agrippa, I was not disobedient unto the heavenly vision: 20But shewed first unto them of Damascus, and at Jerusalem, and throughout all the coasts of Judaea, and then to the Gentiles, that they should repent and turn to God, and do works meet for repentance. That is the same thing Paul told us in 1 Cor.11:1Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ. 2Now I praise you, brethren, that ye remember me in all things, and keep the ordinances, as I delivered them to you.

That means we had better be doing what we were instructed to be doing! Especially if we claim to love Jesus, Jn.14:15If ye love me, keep my commandments. Very few people understand that from Gen.1:1 to Rev.22:21 is all our commandments, and that every word is a Heaven or Hell issue! Col.3:17And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him. Is everything we are saying and doing lining up with the word of God and bringing glory to Jesus Christ in His children who are supposedly walking as he walked; it is a commandment too as seen in 1 Jn.2:1My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous: 2And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world. 3And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments. 4He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. 5But whoso keepeth his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in him. 6He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.

This is how we know the love of God is perfected in us that we go and do as Jesus told the adulteress, that we too after we have been saved; we go and sin no more as well as she was told to do, Jn.8:11 or a worse thing will come upon us as well as the cripple who was warned just as you are being warned now, seen in Jn.5:14Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.

Have I too become you enemy because I too tell you the truth? Gal.4:16Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? One thing is for sure we will all face God one day and give an account for the things we have done and said on this God’s Earth! We will all give account for the time spent and every idle word said, Mt.12:35A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things. 36But I say unto you: That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the Day of Judgment. 37For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

What will our reward be in the Day of God’s Judgment? Only those whose words and actions line up with the word of God in true understanding will remain in His presence for forever (Ro.3:4), all others will be led away screaming, “My God my God why have you forsaken me?”

Take heed time is running out and today is the day of salvation, repent, be baptized in the water of death to self, seen in Ro.6:4 and Col.2:12, for this is the operations I talked about earlier that are the new Testament Covenant that we all must comply with as seen in Ac.2:38-40 and ffs. Or we too will be found in our own will and not in the will of God, which is the unforgivable sin, in this age or any to come! Mt.12:31-32 and  46While he yet talked to the people, behold, his mother and his brethren stood without, desiring to speak with him. 47Then one said unto him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to speak with thee. 48But he answered and said unto him that told him, Who is my mother? and who are my brethren? 49And he stretched forth his hand toward his disciples, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren! 50For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.

Just as Jesus said to His disciples I too have much, much more to say to you but you cannot bear it now but when the Holy Ghost comes upon you He will lead you into all truths! Jn.16:12I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. 13Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. 14He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you. 15All things that the Father hath are mine: therefore said I, that he shall take of mine, and shall shew it unto you. Because when you have the Son you have the Father as well seen in 1 Jn.2:23Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also. 24Let that therefore abide in you, which ye have heard from the beginning. If that which ye have heard from the beginning shall remain in you, ye also shall continue in the Son, and in the Father. 25And this is the promise that he hath promised us, even eternal life.  Just it is seen in 1 Jn.5:18We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not; but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not. We have the power to go and sin no more! We have a form of Godliness and walk therein, the others of the world have a form of Godliness and walk as the world that lies in wickedness, seen below, we are instructed to leave those alone and to not associate with them, seen here in scripture: 2 Tm.3:1-17! 19And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.

The children of God will know the One True God!

 20And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding, that we may know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ; this is the true God, and eternal life!

If we don’t understand this we are just worshipping an imaginary god we have made up in our minds and will thus be seen as one of these below in the last verse the Apostle John wrote for this exact reason!

 21Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.

We either come to the knowledge and the truth of Jesus as God the Father or find ourselves being left out of the Kingdom of God, for forevermore!

Lord’s Way Ministries

By Rev. G. L. Boyett

2/28/2014 written in the Last Days!

My Quotes and some favorite scriptures:

And some favorites from other authors:

Lords Way Ministries

By G. L. Boyett;

1Tm.3:16 & 6:11-21; Is.60:1-22

Gal.4:16Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

~ Even so, if I be persecuted for His sake, I find myself in good company, in the company of the Elect! ~


~ The Lord will always have a prophet, for His generation! ~ 

By Rev. G. L. Boyett (Rev.19:10)

Ecc.12:7-14; Ps.2:1-12; Is.55:1-13; Mal.3:16-18

Emerson said, “The greatest homage we can pay to truth is to use it!”

Stopfard A. Brooke said, “If a thousand old beliefs were ruined in our march to truth, we must still march on!” 


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